Amadeo: concept art 1


A bunch of concept art, character designs and doodles from 2018.

Amadeo didn’t originally have an established name, so I called him ‘Theodore’ as a placeholder name after his OS version. I decided I wanted to keep the -theo/deo part of the name, and eventually he became Amadeo.

Early concept art of Amadeo
First concept art of Amadeo and Giovanni.
Amadeo doodle from an old sketchbook. The story was originally going to touch more on androids built for sexual purposes, and lots of my old sketches reflected that in the costume ideas.
Another sketchbook doodle of Amadeo.
Chibi Amadeo out on a delivery.
Snuggling in one of my old sketchbooks.
A digitally coloured concept doodle of Amadeo and Giovanni.

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