Sofia, Ingrid and Taru


Assorted illustrations, concepts and sketches about miss Sofia and her friends that I’ve drawn over the years. Some are from the time when I was still only at the planning stages of the Cursed Mirror comic.

Sofia the sorceress and owls.
The Cursed Mirror cover art without text.
Early concepts of Sofia, Taru and Ingrid 1
Early concepts of Sofia, Taru and Ingrid 2
Sofia and pals. I still like this expressionless chibi Sofia so much that I’d like to draw the whole gang in this style…
Theodius and Sofia having a discussion at a bar.
Lady Sofia (inked).
…and the finished version of the above.
Sofia the sorceress…
…and Theodius the sorcerer, the pair of the previous illustration.
Theodius, Ingrid, Sofia and Taru. The design for Ingrid the half-elf finally took shape properly in this one.
Theodius and girls, before colours and editing.

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