The Rings of the Kingmaker

The Rings of the Kingmaker (2022)

And now to meet some very, very old friends. Meet Niina (on the left) and Sefairo, a time traveller and her ‘friend’, the magic-wielding king from the future. These two are from an extended universe my school time friend and I created. I still like thinking about them, despite having lost touch with my friend long ago – Niina was my very first character and I’m still fond of her.

As with The Viper, I think of my art of these characters as fanart, so please feel free to think of it as such. *laughs* I’ll eventually write something about them as well, and that’s a promise. (I guess that’ll be fanfic, then, won’t it?)

This illustration was fun to put together with the rainbow effect. I had to plan the transition from one colour to the next very carefully and paint quickly before the paper had the chance to dry too much. It was a bit stressful, but I’d love to attempt it again on a bigger scale eventually.

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