Between seasons

A break between seasons (2022).

It’s been a while since I last drew the whole gang on the road together. The original idea for this piece struck me when I was on the bus in October when the autumn colours were are their loveliest, slowly driving between frost-bitten fields. Trees had already started losing leaves and here and there you could see a flash of green amid the golds and oranges. I remember thinking, “now this is a scenery that puts your soul at ease”.

You can probably tell from my pictures that autumn is my favourite season. I like it in all of its forms: the early autumn when the colours are only just starting to turn from green to gold, the splendor of autumn colours, and that often disliked period of time between autumn and winter when the sky is gray, the waters still, and the fields black. It’s that in-between time that makes November one of my favourite months. There’s something restful about it and that dim light that signifies the end of the northern year, and I can always feel myself breathing that much easier. I do like other seasons, too, but I like to pay homage to autumn in particular in my works.

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