Tampere Kuplii approaching!


My current zines

It’s already March, spring is right around the corner, and I’m participating in Pienlehtimarssi, the traditional zine and self-published comic market that’s part of the legendary Tampere Kuplii comics festival. I’ll be behind table #33 all weekend, 25th – 26th March, with a selection of physical comic zines, artbooks, and other fun merch, such as postcards, stickers, and prints. Pienlehtimarssi is located at Tampere-talo in floors 1 and 2 in Puistolämpiö. Hope to see you there!

My table is #33 and it’s located in the 2nd floor of Tampere-talo.

I’ll be bringing copies of The Bard’s Bargain (in Finnish), the autobiographical zine Queer And Contemplating (in English), Diva (English), as well as the last copies of my fanzine Good Golly! Amnesia fancomics (also in English). I also have some copies left of my artbooks Darlings part 1 and 2, featuring my watercolour illustrations about male and female couples.

More seller and event info can be found at Kuplii official homepage, but do note that most of it is currently only available in Finnish (including the seller list).

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