Auraboo, born 1988, is a queer author, illustrator and comic artist from Vantaa, Finland, whose first love – fantasy – inspires her to this day. She writes and draws mainly speculative fiction with LGBT characters and themes.

She lives with her wife and multiple house plants, works in the game industry during the day, writes her debut novel, as well as draws and paints all manner of things related to her fictional worlds. When she’s not lost in her inner world, she spends her time outdoors in the nature, drinks too much black tea and studies languages.


Inquiries and other questions can be sent to the following address.

You can find me under the pen name Auraboo in the following places:

Please note that I do not use other social platforms at the moment.


I use many different tools for my illustrations, but my most important tools are the brush pen, fineliners, watercolours and colour inks. I draw on many different paper brands, but my favourite for illustrations is Bockingford 300 gram hot-pressed watercolour paper.

I write on my laptop using LibreOffice, but also in my phone’s notes or traditionally to a physical notebook when on the road.