Amadeo the Android

Far away in the 3200s Finland, androids – human-like robots – are everywhere. An android named Amadeo remains doll-like and youthful forever, whereas Giovanni, who was turned into a vampire in his senior years, looks the same as he did when he died. The two have more in common than one might think at first.

Comics are listed in chronological order. New additions are marked with NEW label.


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Note: the below comics were drawn before the characters’ designs and personalities were finalised, and aren’t part of the canon.

Once a year (2018)

As a vampire Giovanni has lived far longer than he ever dreamed of or even wanted to. Amadeo knows the cure to his autumnal melancholy.

Stargazers (2018)

Amadeo participates in the annual Perseids meteor shower stargazing event with Giovanni.

Holidays (2019) NEW

Seasonal snowfall arrives in the future.