Art of Theodius

Art, illustrations and sketches from the world of Tale of Theodius.


Finished works, both in full colour and in monochrome.

  • Luuneyd of Rose Valley
    Luuneyd of Rose Valley

    Luuneyd with the famous blue roses of her home valley. I remember struggling with this piece because all of my brown watercolours granulate while painting, thanks to the pigments used in them, and I was…

  • Halloween Conjuring
    Halloween Conjuring

    I rarely draw anything for annual holidays or festivals, but the skull Theodius canonically uses for his spellcasting gave me an idea to draw him and Giendei for Halloween. The little spirit creatures coming out…

  • Potioneer

    This is, in a way, an updated version of an old portrait of Theodius from 2019, featuring him with potion bottles. It probably comes as a surprise to no one at this point that I…

  • In the flower swing
    In the flower swing

    Long time no Hilla! I had this obsession with all things pastels for a long time (it strikes me regularly, usually without warning), and ended up painting this during that time. This might actually be…

  • Spellsinger

    If Theodius were a bard or a troubadour, he’d definitely be a Finnish runo-singer, one of those highly skilled storytellers who can recite entire epics in poetic form. The same poetic form has also been…

  • Primavera

    If each of the main cast represented a specific season, Giendei would, justifiably, represent spring. He’s at home surrounded by verdancy and green, growing things, despite not having any magical power of his own.

  • A game of dice
    A game of dice

    Dice games are a common form of entertainment in Theodius’s world, and he’s not an entirely inexperienced player either. My main motivation with this illustration was to draw hands posed like this, holding cards and…

  • Fruit of Life and Death
    Fruit of Life and Death

    I rarely use colours quite this bright, but it makes for a fun contrast. The fruit is of course a pomegranate, which symbolises all sorts of things across different cultures. Giendei is wearing a formal…

  • Treasure of the Forest Temple
    Treasure of the Forest Temple

    Green is an underappreciated colour if you ask me, but I might be biased, considering it’s one of my favourite colours. I wanted to try giving Theodius and Giendei totally random costumes, jewelry and all,…

  • Deadly Incantations
    Deadly Incantations

    Theodius at it again, without the skull, as usual. I wanted to test using green for a spookier atmosphere, as I normally tend to use it for the exact opposite. I still like the result,…

  • Stella Polaris
    Stella Polaris

    There aren’t many constellations or stars in Theodius’s world that share names with our own, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to use familiar constellations in this image for the sake of symbolism. The elven…

Concept art and sketches

Early illustrations, character concept art and sketches.

  • Theodius and Giendei: ink collection
    Theodius and Giendei: ink collection

    A collection of linearts and inks before colours and clean-up.

  • Early concept art, part 2
    Early concept art, part 2

    More illustrations and concept pictures from the time when the characters’ designs and personalities were still taking shape. Mostly pictures of Theodius and Giendei, but Luuneyd and Zirekel do also pop up in a couple…

  • Early concept art, part 1
    Early concept art, part 1

    Some of my very first illustrations and concepts of Theodius and Giendei from 2019 – 2020. I still like these, even though the characters’ designs and personalities have evolved quite a bit since then. Take…

  • Character sketches
    Character sketches

    Early sketches of the four main characters from 2020 and 2021. I wanted these to reflect each characters’ and their corresponding nations’ backgrounds and themes. Challenging, but fun. I never got around to inking these,…