Art of Theodius

Art, illustrations and sketches from the world of Tale of Theodius.


  • Swing 2023
    Swing 2023

    This is a redraw of an illustration I did a couple of years ago. Electro swing is close to my heart, and even though Theodius’s story takes place in a medieval style fantasy world, there’s…

  • The verdant elf
    The verdant elf

    It’s been a while since I drew Giendei all by himself. He’s the kind with an easy smile, but he’s always a little serious and sorrowful the way I picture him in my mind. That,…

  • Newcomer

    Little Hilla’s first winter home at Fallgrove. Despite its name Fallgrove does have four seasons and the snowfall tends to be quite heavy during winter months. I really enjoy illustrating the daily lives of Theodius…

  • Private conversations
    Private conversations

    This just might be my personal favourite out of all the pictures I’ve ever drawn of Theodius and Giendei. I wanted to draw something that showcases the domestic, casual closeness of their relationship. My first…

  • Between seasons
    Between seasons

    It’s been a while since I last drew the whole gang on the road together. The original idea for this piece struck me when I was on the bus in October when the autumn colours…

  • Spirit Tree
    Spirit Tree

    I was yearning to draw something autumny around kekri and got an idea about a tree decorated with glowing glass bottles. Hilla is helping with the task. She and Theodius are wearing costumes inspired heavily…

Concept art and sketches

Early illustrations, character concept art and sketches.