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The Tale of Theodius

The power of elves weakens generation by generation, and the North is ruled by chaos as an old war between the giant kingdoms and the nordlings is threatening to ignite again. During these dark times four unusual travellers meet and end up journeying together: the nordling mage Theodius, the elf Giendei from the distant southern lands, the healer Luuneyd from the Rose Vale, and Zirekel the giant from the underground mining cities of Tular.

Amadeo the Android

Far away in the 3200s Finland androids, human-like robots, are everywhere. An android named Amadeo remains doll-like and youthful forever, whereas Giovanni, who was turned into a vampire in his senior years, looks the same as he did when he died. The two have more in common than one might think at first.

Other comics

Miscellaneous short comics, ranging from fully fictitious to nonfiction pieces.