Other art


  • My place or yours?
    My place or yours?

    Niina and Sefairo attending a slightly fancier ball. This is unfortunately pure fan service – for myself -, because nothing romantic ever occurred between these two in canon. A girl can dream, right? Recently, I’ve…

  • Character map
    Character map

    I’ve wanted to draw a character introduction type illustration about Niina and her world for a while already, not only to refresh my memory, but also because it’ll be helpful for any future short stories/comics….

  • Gentle Breeze
    Gentle Breeze

    A more simple illustration of Niina for a change. I wanted to draw something about her that looks like a glamour shot. The placement of the flower is 100% strategic, as you can guess. The…

  • Peony Fairy
    Peony Fairy

    Niina as a fairy in a field of giant peonies. She’s a singer, known for her ability to touch hearts with her voice and performances alike, and I like to picture this being a shot…

  • The Rings of the Kingmaker
    The Rings of the Kingmaker

    And now to meet some very, very old friends. Meet Niina (on the left) and Sefairo, a time traveller and her ‘friend’, the magic-wielding king from the future. These two are from an extended universe…

Amadeo the Android

Illustrations from the Amadeo universe. Includes lots of old concept art and sketches before the character designs were finalised!

  • Farewell Song
    Farewell Song

    Finally, some new Amadeo art. His colour scheme seems to vary from picture to picture, but I enjoy it. Him being a robot does make it easier to swap styles and parts, so the idea…

  • Amadeo: in colour
    Amadeo: in colour

    Colour illustrations from 2019 – 2021. Amadeo’s ears slowly changed shape from the little triangle ears to normal human-like ears over the past few years.

  • Amadeo: concept art 5
    Amadeo: concept art 5

    More concept art, illustrations and random, mostly Amadeo-centric stuff from 2019.

  • Amadeo: concept art 4
    Amadeo: concept art 4

    More early character illustrations and concepts of Amadeo and Giovanni, this time with a focus on formal/historical fashion and brush pen inking.

  • Amadeo: concept art 3
    Amadeo: concept art 3

    A whole bunch of character illustrations and doodles on pink carton, all from 2018. I was very adamant from the very beginning that there would be copious amounts of pink in this story.

  • Amadeo: concept art 2
    Amadeo: concept art 2

    More concept art and initial character illustrations from 2018. These ones are more romantic in nature and focus on the chemistry between Amadeo and Giovanni.

  • Amadeo: concept art 1
    Amadeo: concept art 1

    A bunch of concept art, character designs and doodles from 2018. Amadeo didn’t originally have an established name, so I called him ‘Theodore’ as a placeholder name after his OS version. I decided I wanted…

The Second Son

Illustrations from the Second Son universe, including the short comic Blood Magic.

  • Blood Magic: Embrace
    Blood Magic: Embrace

    Funnily enough, I never gave this piece a proper title, and now it’s just called that in my head. I drew this with colour pencils and watercolour, which resulted in an interesting texture.

  • Blood Magic: cover art
    Blood Magic: cover art

    I haven’t drawn many illustrations of these two yet, because their designs are in a constant flux in my head still. I do feel like I hit the nail on the head with Zsiga (on…

Other stories & miscellaneous

Illustrations from my other stories, including The Viper, The Bard’s Bargain, etc. as well as other characters that haven’t appeared in any comics or stories.

  • Lovers

    This is actually a redraw of an old, old painting of mine from 2011. It’s sometimes fun to try redrawing something old and see how your own style has evolved over the years. And the…

  • Felis Magus
    Felis Magus

    I draw animals rarely, but when I do, they also tend to appear in a fantasy context (what can I say, I just really enjoy fantasy as a sandbox of storytelling). The title is a…

  • Slumberer of the Tree
    Slumberer of the Tree

    I actually started sketching this already when the autumn colours were at their prettiest, but managed to finish painting it just recently. This is Terho, an elven girl out in the world for the first…

  • Mirror of Fortunes
    Mirror of Fortunes

    I love drawing horned characters and demons in all shapes and forms, so here’s one of my newer characters, a pink troubadour named Kajo. The bright pink pigment on their skin is thanks to the…

  • Vampire’s Servant: illustrations
    Vampire’s Servant: illustrations

    A collection of colour illustrations and concept art of Leopold and Henrik from 2019. These two have so far only appeared in two comic strips.

  • Elven Siblings
    Elven Siblings

    Luzem and Tariya, blood siblings and partners-in-crime. They’re half Wood Elf, half High Elf – Luzem takes after the High Elf side of the family, whereas Tariya takes after the Woold Elf side. Tariya is…

  • The Fallen Champion
    The Fallen Champion

    Cover illustration for my short story Champion of Light. I would one day like to write and draw a longer story featuring these two, but we’ll see when I find the time to do so….

  • Winter Faery
    Winter Faery

    This was a small holiday card-esque illustration I made for the Finnish Independence Day in December 2022, featuring the faery king from The Bard’s Bargain. He was much cuter as a child, wasn’t he?

  • The Bard’s Bargain: Through the Faery Mirror
    The Bard’s Bargain: Through the Faery Mirror

    This was my very first time drawing Joonatan, the bard from The Bard’s Bargain. As we can see, the faery king’s design changed after this somewhat – I decided while sketching the comic pages that…

  • The Viper: In Death Oblivion
    The Viper: In Death Oblivion

    I drew this just in time for Halloween in 2022, also making it the first drawing of these two in 5 years! Talk about a walk down the memory lane. Realising Zadar in my current…

  • The Viper: cover art
    The Viper: cover art

    Some cover illustration variations for the short comic The Viper, one of my oldest comics. The story is old and the characters even older, but I still have a strange fondness for them.