Other comics

Miscellaneous short comics, ranging from fully fictitious to nonfiction pieces.

Comics are listed in publishing order, with most recent comics first. New additions are marked with NEW label.

The Bard’s Bargain (2022) NEW

The fairy king tries to get out of a promise made. Joonatan isn’t having any of it, and brings the matter under the court’s scrutiny with a song.

Hourly Comics Day 2020 NEW

Comic strips from the daily comic challenge.

Midsummer rituals (2020)

Henrik does not believe in Midsummer spells nor superstitions, yet he cannot quite resist gathering the traditional seven flowers and seeing what happens.

First kiss (2019)

It’s time for a kiss, but Henrik feels nervous at the very thought.

Diva (2019)

Beata has admired the singing sensation Charlie Torsson from afar for as long as they can remember. When a concert night provides them with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet their idol face to face, things take an unexpected turn. What’s a poor little dandy to do?

Blood Magic (2018)

Zsiga gives Béla a piece of his mind while tending to his wounds after an accident. Takes place in the same universe as my “The Second Son” short stories.

Hourly Comic Day 2018 NEW

Comic strips from the daily comic challenge.

The Viper (2017)

Zadar has made bad life choices before, but of them all Hemming, the notorious criminal, is the most toxic one. It takes a snake to know a snake.

Flower Crown (2017)

Two monster girls go picking flowers.

Receptionist (2016) NEW

A bad, terrible, horrible, no good day in the life of a receptionist.