Other comics

Miscellaneous short comics, ranging from fully fictitious to nonfiction pieces.

Comics are listed in publishing order, with most recent comics first.

  • The Bard’s Bargain

    The Bard’s Bargain

    The fairy king tries to worm his way out of a promise made. Joonatan isn’t having any of it, and brings the matter under the court’s scrutiny with a song.

  • Spaces


    A short autobio comic from 2021 about gatekeeping in queer spaces.

  • Too Old

    Too Old

    It’s never too late to discover or work on your passions, no matter what the world tries to tell us.

  • Midsummer rituals

    Midsummer rituals

    Henrik does not believe in Midsummer spells nor superstitions, yet he cannot quite resist gathering the traditional seven flowers and seeing what happens.

  • Obstacles


    An autobiographical comic from 2020 about development issues, achy legs, and finding your own happy place.

  • Hourly Comics Day 2020

    Hourly Comics Day 2020

    Comic strips from the daily comic challenge.

  • Holidays


    Amadeo and Giovanni watching the snowfall.

  • Diva


    Beata has admired the singing sensation Charlie Torsson from afar for as long as they can remember. When a concert night provides them with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet their idol face to face, things take an unexpected turn. What’s a poor little dandy to do?

  • A first kiss

    A first kiss

    It’s time for a kiss, but Henrik feels nervous at the very thought.

  • Burnout


    An autobio comic from 2018 regarding insomnia and the slow, steady burnout that was years in the making.

  • Stargazers


    Amadeo participates in the annual Perseids meteor shower stargazing event with Giovanni.

  • Once a year

    Once a year

    As a vampire Giovanni has lived far longer than he ever dreamed of or even wanted to. Amadeo knows the cure to his autumnal melancholy.

  • My Asexual Story

    My Asexual Story

    An autobio comic from 2018 about the experiences and thoughts of one woman somewhere on the asexual spectrum.

  • Hourly Comic Day 2018

    Hourly Comic Day 2018

    Comic strips from the daily comic challenge.

  • Blood Magic

    Blood Magic

    Zsiga gives Béla a piece of his mind while tending to his wounds after an accident. Takes place in the same universe as my “Second Son” short stories.

  • The Viper

    The Viper

    Zadar has made bad life choices before, but of them all Hemming, the notorious criminal, is the most toxic one. It takes a snake to know a snake.

  • Flower Crown

    Flower Crown

    A deer girl and a cyclops spend a day at the flower field together.

  • Receptionist


    A bad, terrible, horrible, no good day in the life of a receptionist.