Short Stories

Short stories from different universes and canons, grouped by series/theme. Note that stories are listed in publishing order, not chronological.

This page only lists stories available in English. Find my Finnish short stories here.

The Tale of Theodius

The power of elves weakens generation by generation, and the North is ruled by chaos as an old war between the giant kingdoms and the nordlings is threatening to ignite again. During these dark times four unusual travellers meet and end up journeying together: the nordling mage Theodius, the elf Giendei from the distant southern lands, the healer Luuneyd from the Rose Vale, and Zirekel the giant from the underground mining cities of Tular.

  • The Giving and the Taking

    The Giving and the Taking

    The four travellers seek shelter in the dark and Theodius attempts healing, though it costs him every time he does it.

  • Exhaling


    Giendei has never seen a nordling do magic before and finds himself, against his better judgment, oddly entranced.

  • Gold of the Marshes

    Gold of the Marshes

    Theodius leads his companions through treacherous marshlands and gets to know Giendei, the elf travelling with him, a little better.

  • The Seer and the Seeing

    The Seer and the Seeing

    Sofia the seer wakes up from a disturbing vision – the first one in nearly ten years.

  • Tomb: chapters 1-3

    Tomb: chapters 1-3

    Their quest to explore an old tomb goes awry when Theodius and Giendei end up trapped in the dark. Alone with only the unconscious, wounded Theodius for company, Giendei the elf has to keep them both alive at any cost.

  • Little Bird

    Little Bird

    Theodius’s daughter Hilla keeps him busy while the two wait for Giendei’s homecoming, but early spring in the Fallgrove is not an easy time for waiting.

  • October


    Theodius takes a morning swim on a cold October’s morning and spends a moment alone with his thoughts.

  • Cursebreaker


    After handling a cursed object, Giendei needs professional help from the mage Theodius to undo the damage.

The Second Son

The Second Son is a story of a dysfunctional family torn apart by old secrets, grudges, lies, and the imminent collapse of the magical society hiding in the shadows of the mundane world. Zsigmond ’Zsiga’ Brown is the middle sibling and harbours a terrible secret that has been weighting him down for 18 long years:

That he’s desperately in love with Béla, his older brother.

Content warnings: cursing, smoking, use of alcohol, incest, injuries/trauma.

  • 01 – Moving Day

    01 – Moving Day

    Zsiga moves back to the old house, something he never thought he’d do, and finds his things, just like his memories, more or less where he left them. There’s bitterness, but also nostalgia – and Béla.

  • 02 – Phonecall

    02 – Phonecall

    London weather is never more miserable than after a remarkably bad day at work. Carl is less than helpful and Zsiga begins to wonder when he started falling out of love with the man.

  • 03 – Maisy

    03 – Maisy

    Zsiga has always wanted a dog, or so he thought. Dogsitting the neighbour’s labrador makes him question himself.

  • 04 – Dust and Smoke

    04 – Dust and Smoke

    Béla remembers the taste of fear when the Atrium is attacked and he comes close to losing Zsiga.

  • 05 – Pretend Lovers

    05 – Pretend Lovers

    Béla does his best to see Zsiga as a stranger. It’s a struggle for them both, and Zsiga ran out of patience years ago already.

Other stories

  • Champion of Light

    Champion of Light

    The prophecy rejects its newest Champion, as it has rejected all that came before him, and the Dark One steps in to save his life.

  • Heart of Glass

    Heart of Glass

    Elves are born as magic is born and fade as magic fades. When no new magic is no longer being born, there is only one last elf left – and she has never seen another living elf in her life.