Tale of Theodius

The power of elves weakens generation by generation, and the North is ruled by chaos as an old war between the giant kingdoms and the nordlings is threatening to ignite again. During these dark times four unusual travellers meet and end up journeying together: the nordling mage Theodius, the elf Giendei from the distant southern lands, the healer Luuneyd from the Rose Vale, and Zirekel the giant from the underground mining cities of Tular.

Comics are listed in chronological order, with the earliest ‘chapters’ first. New comics are marked with NEW label.

The Cursed Mirror

Sofia the sorceress, Ingrid the elf and Taru the knight explore a long forgotten cave in search of something valuable. They get to experience first hand that not all stories about cursed treasure are just stories.

Guardian of the Key

Giendei’s short career as the guardian of a valuable key comes to an end when he’s left alone with Theodius.

Poison NEW

As a sorcerer Theodius may be in a class of his own, but he is certainly no genius when it comes to people skills. Or: Giendei finds a poison bottle and Theodius jumps into conclusions.

Sorcerer’s Tools

Giendei is curious to know why Theodius carries a skull with him wherever he goes.

Giendei Tries NEW

Giendei tries to impress Theodius the sorcerer, with varying levels of success.

Aftermath NEW

Giendei tries to play down his injuries after a battle. Theodius gives him a piece of his mind.

Kekri NEW

Theodius and Giendei are in the north around the time of kekri, the northern end of harvest festival, and are approached by a Sorrow Collector.

Lullaby NEW

Hilla is having trouble sleeping. Theodius takes her on a midnight stroll.


Giendei’s Dream NEW

A short sketchbook comic where Giendei finally corners Theodius for some private time together.

That Eurovision AU NEW

A modern AU where Theodius and Giendei are singers representing their countries in Eurovision.