The Threefold Soul

Being a chronicle of the end times of the Kishan imperial house and the last heir to the ruby throne

Genres: high fantasy, romance, queer/LGBTQ
Target group: mature audiences (+18)
Warnings: sexual content, violence
Keywords: enemies to lovers, slowburn, romance, adventure
Languages: Finnish, English
Publishing schedule: one chapter every two weeks
Release time: TBA

The Threefold Soul is my upcoming high fantasy webnovel, taking place in the world of Melkem, inhabited by the descendants of immortal demon gods and several mortal species. Our story takes place many ages after the death of the gods and follows Ren’i mar Oereinen, the crown prince and latest heir to the ruby throne of Kisha. As the high chief of empress Ellerram’s armies, he gets appointed a task that seems nearly impossible: to regain control of the empire’s southern-most parts, bring its occupants under imperial control, and put a stop to an old enemy’s approach, all at once. When Ren’i marches south and nations collide, nothing is as it used to be – and an empire that has stood the test of time starts to crumble from the inside…

Old magic is reborn, new alliances are struck, and a love larger than life starts to shape the fates of all that walk on Melkem’s soil. In the eye of the storm stand two men: Ren’i, the heir to the Kishan throne, and Hawk, an akheri hunter from the southern deserts. They should be natural enemies, but they both will soon learn that there are even stronger forces than fate at play.

More information about the English release coming when the release schedule for the Finnish original has been confirmed (currently estimated for August 2023). The option to sign up for the mailing list will open around the same time. Stay tuned!