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Hello, visitor, and welcome to Auraboo’s official homepage! Read my newest short stories and comics, or take a plunge into the exciting world of my upcoming queer high fantasy webnovel, intended for mature audiences.

The Threefold Soul is a webnovel, released one chapter at a time, and will be available to read for free. It is an epic tale of two very different men, the call of destiny, and an empire about to go up in the fires of revolution. The novel is for adult audiences and will begin releasing in Finnish first, with an English translation coming at a later date.

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Watercolour illustration of Ren'i and Hawk, the two protagonists of the webnovel The Threefold Soul.

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Event calendar 2023

Past events

25-26 March: Tampere Kuplii, Pienlehtitaivas
10-11 June: Hypecon, Hyvinkää (with Sadyna)
8 July: Finncon, Tampere
28-30 July: Ropecon, Helsinki (with Sadyna)
10 September: Tracon, Tampere (with Sadyna)
16 September: Zine Fest, Helsinki

Upcoming events

21 October: Shumicon, Helsinki (with Sadyna)